10 Year Warranty on Labor

Benedict Roofing is a small roofing company, and we take pride in our work. The owners are always on the job working alongside their crew. We do not subcontract any work to other roofers.
Benedict Roofing Warranty

We Stand By Our Work

Since we take such pride in our work, we stand by every job with a ten-year warranty on labor. We hand nail every shingle to ensure our warranty. We go the extra step and install Ice Guard in the valleys and along the gutter lines, and we cover the entire roof with heavy synthetic underlayment for the utmost protection.

We custom flash step tins, apron, soil stack, chimney, and brick as part of our sealant package, including metal drip edge on all rakes and all gutter edges. We recommend a Hidden Ridge Vent, which we cut and install along the peaks, for proper ventilation to prevent condensation.

This warranty gives you, the homeowner, assurance that we will stand by our work. Just call Benedict Roofing at (440) 238-6485 if any concerns arise, and we will personally make sure your roof is watertight.

Bare in mind, we cannot warranty mold, or leaks that occur because of natural causes, lightning, high winds, gales, tornadoes, hail, ice dams, ice back up, falling trees, destructive animals, or vandals. We assume that you will take a common sense approach, and we are happy to work with you should anything unforeseen happen.

Every New Roof Includes:

  • Ice Shield
  • Custom Flashing
  • Hand Nailed Shingles
  • New Roof Vents

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